The Future of Customer Experience: An Argument for Continuous Insights

Jessica DeVlieger

Customers are more aware than ever of the experiences they want, and most companies simply aren’t keeping pace with customers’ high expectations. Meeting those expectations starts (and continues) with building organizational empathy for the customer.MORE…

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The Right Side of Innovation: Why Communispace Eliminated Non-Compete Agreements

Everyone should have the right to choose where they want to work, whenever they want. Extending that right to our employees ensures that freedom.MORE…

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Spotify Can Beef up Big Data by Asking “Why?”

Jenn Mason

The better music streaming services like Spotify understand the lives of their listeners, the better they’ll understand — and more accurately personalize — listeners’ music preferences.MORE…

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What is Privacy Worth to Your Customers?

Sarah Timmings

In this study of more than 3,000 consumers, we analyze people’s perception of personalized marketing – specifically, to understand how they feel about financial services companies tracking and targeting them. MORE…

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7 Tips for Creating “Buy-In” for Your Next Idea

Bill Alberti

“Buy-in” is about more than creating new and better ideas. It’s about facilitating change within an organization.MORE…

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Shoppers in Control: How Can Retailers Bring Front-End Humanity & Back-End Algorithms Together for Success?

Jessica DeVlieger

The pace of change in retail is dizzying and fascinating; full of opportunity, but not without some big challenges. How can retailers keep up with all the ways people shop? MORE…

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Motivating Behavior Change by Treating the Whole Person

Kat Lerman

There is an increasing recognition among employers that physical health is only one aspect of wellness; that well-being is about much more than freedom from disease.MORE…

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Stop Isolating Customer Insights: Five Ways to Design the Customer Into Your Company

Julie Wittes Schlack

Companies that systematically design the customer into all functions and divisions, at every phase of the product or service lifecycle, are more agile, more responsive, and able to deliver greater shareholder value over the long run.MORE…

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Brands ‘On Fleek': Understanding (And Working With) Gen Z

Samantha Rothkopf

Brands that want to engage with Gen Z must provide new experiences, be savvy with how they use big data, and always plan for speed and flexibility. MORE…

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A Race to the Wearable Finish Line

Victoria Kidder

The future of wearables and tracking the quantified self needs to go beyond reporting personal data and move towards providing pragmatic insights based on that data so consumers can move from the “so what” to the “now what?”.MORE…

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