Bagels, Buzzwords, and Business Challenges: A Quickie Synopsis of the Quirk’s Market Research Event

Julie Wittes Schlack

Every conference has its buzzwords, and at the recent Quirk’s Market Research Event, the terms “speed,” “qual/quant” and “agile” were as ubiquitous as tiny hotel bagels.MORE…

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#AskGenZ: Online Born, Mobile Formed, and in the Communispace Office

Amanda Fraga

In preparation for our upcoming session, “Online Born, Mobile Formed,” at the 2015 MITX eCommerce Summit, we invited a group of 14- to 20-year-olds to the Communispace office for a night of pizza and casual conversation about social media, mobile, ecommerce, and the role all three play in their shopping experience.MORE…

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All in the Family: Pets Get the Premium Food Treatment

Alan Moskowitz

Our pets are no longer like family. They are family. Pet food brands and retailers are listening to “pet parents” to win their hearts and satiate their pets’ healthy appetites.MORE…

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Think You’re Customer-Centric? Think Again

Jessica DeVlieger

Consumers’ relationships with and expectations of companies and the products they buy are ever-changing as a result of the confluence of technology, social media, and the democratization of business. However, for the most part, the relationships companies have with consumers haven’t changed much at all (and, in some cases, these relationships have even weakened).MORE…

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Communispace Nails It: Giving Back with Boston Cares

What happens when 30 Communispacers trade their keyboards for power drills? A day of fun, hard work, and volunteering for the Boston Cares Bed Project. MORE…

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Need Engaging Digital Healthcare Content? Co-Create It

Deborah Hernandez

Creating and managing the right content for the right audience can be challenging, especially in healthcare. So what’s a marketer to do?MORE…

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The Empathy Bowl: Why the Super Bowl Ads Made Customers Emotional

Polly MacIsaac

During this year’s Big Game, advertisers abandoned their usual glorified demonstrations of aspiration and idealization for inspiration – through real-life emotional connection.MORE…

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How the NFL and NBA are Scoring Big in the Fan Experience Game

Ryan Ritter

The NFL and NBA are making big strides in innovating the fan experience — inside stadiums and arenas, and outside them, too.MORE…

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8 Things Brands Need to Know about Millennials and their Health

Kat Lerman

Understanding Millennials’ unique challenges, needs, and priorities are essential, not just for healthcare brands, but — in a broader, more economically competitive health and wellness landscape — for a wide range of companies.MORE…

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A Resolution for All in Healthcare: Listen and Learn from Patients

Deborah Hernandez

In 2015, vow to listen, interact, and learn from patients. Integrate the voice of the patient into the very DNA of your organization, from the board room to the call center to the R&D lab. MORE…

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A New Current: Electric Vehicles and the Driver Experience

Daniel Sills

As car manufacturers in Detroit and beyond continue to embrace sustainable driving through the implementation of incremental electric car innovations, success will be measured on a different scale: the driver experience. MORE…

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