Embracing the healthy future of wearable tech

Corey S.

Consumers surveyed said one of the key advantages of wearable tech is the ensuing health benefit. More than 80 percent said they believe that wearables could improve health care. MORE…

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Here comes Apple Pay. But what does it mean for the customer experience?

Anthony D.

For Apple Pay to really take off, retailers will need to leverage mobile payment technology as a means to improve the customer experience — and to truly entice customers to reach for their phones, not their wallets.MORE…

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Pulling the plug: what the HBO and CBS decisions mean for cable TV

Julie R.

The decisions by HBO and CBS are a harbinger for the future of bundled cable TV providers. And this new à la carte streaming model is driven by consumer demand. MORE…

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Why bánh mì is on millennials’ fast food menu

Daniel S.

The world’s growing love affair with bánh mì — the traditional meat-and-veggie filled Vietnamese sandwich — is charged by a greater undercurrent of modern food culture.MORE…

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Why Relationship Matters in a Mobile World

Kat L.

Mobile is no longer the future; it’s the present. Marketers and researchers need to start fitting how they engage with and understand consumers into this new mobile reality. Truly embracing a mobile-first mindset means shifting your priorities and your perceptions …MORE…

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Facebook toys with healthcare, but will consumers want to play?

Corey S.

Corey Schwartz is the Managing Director of Communispace Health, which is dedicated to helping pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic, and insurance companies move confidently towards a more patient-centric approach – securely and privately. Facebook is considering introducing online patient …MORE…

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How to Move Beyond Traditional Employee Feedback

Diane H.

This article was originally published in Inc. Initiatives that allow employees to engage with executives on a meaningful level make them feel more valued and improve your company’s productivity. Last year, after announcing a new business strategy at a company …MORE…

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How to Keep Your Customer Loyalty Program from Being Pointless

Charles Trevail

This article was previously published in Fast Company. Customers love to be rewarded for their loyalty, but only some programs are worth the effort. How do brands design loyalty programs that offer clear value, build devotion, attract new customers, retain existing …MORE…

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For Insurance, Relationships Can Mend the Broken Experience

Emily Paisner

@MissBrneyes Trying to get insurance for my mom is proving to be the most annoying experience of my life! @ecormany it’s really a shame that Kafka didn’t live long enough to experience a health insurance phone tree. @MizzElissa Why, yes. …MORE…

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