A Race to the Wearable Finish Line

Victoria Kidder

The future of wearables and tracking the quantified self needs to go beyond reporting personal data and move towards providing pragmatic insights based on that data so consumers can move from the “so what” to the “now what?”.MORE…

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The Fastest Way to “Cool” for Adidas

Bill Alberti

The sneaker space is a crowded one. If the brand wants to be “cool,” it has to start with consumers. Not with trends, not with executive leadership, but consumers. MORE…

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The Nimble Principles: Success in the Age of the Entrepreneurial CMO

David Franke

Meet today’s entrepreneurial CMO: a responsive and decisive leader on the front lines, unafraid to get up close and personal with the consumers she serves, undeterred in the face of risk and ambiguity. MORE…

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The Essential Six: The ARF Re:Think 2015 Sessions I’m Most Excited About

Jessica DeVlieger

I’m excited to hear how these six brands are designing customers into their organizations to get faster and deeper insights, inform strategy, guide new product and service development, and create truly customer-centric cultures.MORE…

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A New Chapter: From Communispace Client to Communispace Champion

Jonathan Stinnett

As many of you have seen, I recently started the next chapter in my career. It wasn’t an easy decision, as I had been part of the Citi team for over 10 years, but it was the right one. Because …MORE…

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#PMRGCONNECT15: New Market Research Insights to Optimize Impact in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

Deborah Hernandez

The speed with which pharmaceutical market research is changing is directly tied to the speed with which technology is evolving. No doubt this interdependency will be front and center at the upcoming Pharmaceutical Market Research Group’s (PMRG’s) 2015 Healthcare Marketing …MORE…

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Bagels, Buzzwords, and Business Challenges: A Quickie Synopsis of the Quirk’s Market Research Event

Julie Wittes Schlack

Every conference has its buzzwords, and at the recent Quirk’s Market Research Event, the terms “speed,” “qual/quant” and “agile” were as ubiquitous as tiny hotel bagels.MORE…

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#AskGenZ: Online Born, Mobile Formed, and in the Communispace Office

Amanda Fraga

In preparation for our upcoming session, “Online Born, Mobile Formed,” at the 2015 MITX eCommerce Summit, we invited a group of 14- to 20-year-olds to the Communispace office for a night of pizza and casual conversation about social media, mobile, ecommerce, and the role all three play in their shopping experience.MORE…

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All in the Family: Pets Get the Premium Food Treatment

Alan Moskowitz

Our pets are no longer like family. They are family. Pet food brands and retailers are listening to “pet parents” to win their hearts and satiate their pets’ healthy appetites.MORE…

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Think You’re Customer-Centric? Think Again

Jessica DeVlieger

Consumers’ relationships with and expectations of companies and the products they buy are ever-changing as a result of the confluence of technology, social media, and the democratization of business. However, for the most part, the relationships companies have with consumers haven’t changed much at all (and, in some cases, these relationships have even weakened).MORE…

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