The Future of Insights: Putting Customers’ Creative Minds to Work

Manila A.

Consumer insights professionals can create the most value by working with customers to co-create new products, services, and experiences. And they can use that customer knowledge to inform and inspire action across the business. MORE…

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Imminent Disruption: Why Insurance Customers Will Design Tomorrow’s Insurance Experience

Charles Trevail

In an industry where the product remains essentially the same, it’s the experience that will dictate customer choice in buying, keeping, or finding new insurance. MORE…

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Premiumization Nation: Food and Beverage Brands make Quality Investments

Julie R.

Many of the largest companies in the world are making big investments in premium food and beverage to account for slumping sales and meet shifting consumer demand. MORE…

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Open Enrollment 2014 and the Millennial Healthcare Opportunity

Deborah H.

For Millennials, especially those who are going to turn 26 and will therefore lose coverage from their parent’s insurance plans, choosing a health plan can feel downright overwhelming. So where are they turning for answers and help?MORE…

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Who Above All? New Bag Fees and Less Leg Room Give Loyal Customers the JetBlues‬‬‬

Dan Lake

In an age where we’ve all become accustomed to the scaled-back, stripped-down amenities of the average in-flight experience, here’s the truth: up in the sky, it’s the little things that go the longest way for customers. And, until now, JetBlue has been very good about offering a lot of (free) little things. MORE…

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Deconstructing the Innovation Mindset

Charles Trevail

Successful innovation is an inherent company mindset, laser-focused on solving important customer problems – not company-centric goals – by using customer creativity as business inspiration.MORE…

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The Limitations of Big Data Collection in the Big City

Mollie G.

In a recent Advertising Age article, reporter Kate Kaye allowed five consumer data gathering companies to track her every move for three weeks in and around New York City. The results of this consumer data tracking experiment were not only fascinating, they were eye opening.MORE…

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Spotify is Leading the Stream Wars. But Will the Empire (Apple) Strike Back?

Daniel S.

Retaining current customers and acquiring new ones in the music streaming business will mean continuously staying on top of the stream-happy generation’s preferences, and improving the user experience through imaginative design.MORE…

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Sustainability: Why One Size Will Never Fit All

Bethan H.

Sustainability is a term that has been bandied around a lot in recent years, particularly by brands. But what does it really mean? And how does it play a role in consumers’ lives? To some, sustainability is only about the …MORE…

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