The Collaborative Advantage in the Sharing Economy

Julie W.S.

In the early days of Web 2.0 – boy, I’m dating myself – we talked about sharing in terms of social media. But we’ve now evolved from people sharing status updates among themselves or with brands to something much more …MORE…

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Deriving Maximum Impact From Online Communities

Julie W.S.

This article was originally published in Direct Marketing News. What use of online communities delivers maximum impact in terms of marketing, and why? If my real-world behavior mirrored my Facebook behavior I’d only speak to people to wish them a …MORE…

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Imperfect Knowledge: On the Virtues of Not Knowing

Julie W.S.

“Some walks of life entail habitual uncertainty coupled with potentially grave consequences,” Leah Hager Cohen observes in her pithy and wise new book, I Don’t Know. “Firefighters, surgeons, triage nurses, hostage negotiators, miners, loggers, police officers, and soldiers all regularly …MORE…

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Sipping Coffee and Moving Mountains: How Four People Are Collaborating with Their Consumers to Change Their Businesses

Julie W.S.

No slides. No data. Not even a brief video clip or memorable mantra. And yet the 30 minutes spent in the Clients’ Café by four Promise/Communispace clients sharing their challenges and successes in transforming insight to action at the recent …MORE…

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Moving Customers, Moving Companies: The Need for Change Agents

Julie W.S.

What obstacles stand in an organization’s way as they try to act on customer insights? How can they advance from being reporters to change agents within their own companies?MORE…

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Maligned but Motivated: A Day in the Life of a Mobile Millennial

Julie W.S.

“Why do millennials have such a bad reputation?” a millennial plaintively asked in a recent mobile ethnography project that we ran on behalf of the Advertising Research Foundation for the Re:think 2013 conference just winding up. “I just read another …MORE…

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Feeling Better? How Emotional Insight Drives Innovation

Julie W.S.

Flu season notwithstanding, we all know how to feel well. As human beings with limbic systems, we generate and manage an abundance of feelings during every waking moment and while we’re asleep. But as marketers and researchers, our challenge is …MORE…

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The Language of the Heart: Telling stories that are emotionally accurate and immediately actionable

Julie W.S.

Some clichés are so over-used that we tend to lose sight of their meaning. But it really is true that, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and not just because people are too busy to read anymore. Pictures are so valuable …MORE…

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Dehyping Emerging Market Research: Communities, Social Media Analytics, Mobile, and Gamification [Video]

Julie W.S.

Yesterday afternoon, GreenBook’s Leonard Murphy and I sat down with some colleagues to discuss “what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s just talk” in the world of emerging market research tools and techniques. It was the very first Communispace UNwebinar, meaning that instead of a forty-slide Powerpoint deck and predetermined talk track, we polled the audience about their thoughts on emerging consumer insights techniques and used field data to kickstart an open conversation. The result was a lively – and at times – provocative discussion that explored new market research methods from online communities and social media analytics to mobile and gamification.MORE…

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