#AskGenZ: Online Born, Mobile Formed, and in the Communispace Office

Amanda Fraga

In preparation for our upcoming session, “Online Born, Mobile Formed,” at the 2015 MITX eCommerce Summit, we invited a group of 14- to 20-year-olds to the Communispace office for a night of pizza and casual conversation about social media, mobile, ecommerce, and the role all three play in their shopping experience.MORE…

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Giving Consumers a C-Level Seat in the Boardroom

Amanda Fraga

First Best Buy. Then Yahoo! And now, JP Morgan.

Each day, a new CEO/Chairman being fired/let go/resigning (choose one) from their post. At first I was sure the person who was programming the elevator Captivate! was playing some sort of joke. Nope. And I won’t comment or insert my personal opinion on whether their allegations were simple oversights or terrible ethical decisions. There is, however, one thing I feel like I can ascertain (without ever being one myself), regardless of whether you are a good or bad CEO – it’s a tough (insert explicative word of choice here) job.MORE…

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Feeling the Brand Love: Consumers write love letters to their favorite brands

Amanda Fraga

Whether you are an over-the-top Valentine lovebird with flowers, reservations and sappy gifts ready at the whim OR whether you will cringe at the sight of any shade of pink or red on February 14th, there has long been a debate over whether Valentine’s Day should be observed and how exactly it should be celebrated, if at all. MORE…

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What Brands Would You Invite To Dinner?

Amanda Fraga

One of the best things about the American holiday of Thanksgiving (besides the plethora of food), is that it provides a great time for reflection. We are surrounded by the people that know us best and we have a little bit more time than usual to think about what we are grateful for. As I sat down for Thanksgiving dinner, I thought about the different personalities of the people in my family and what unique perspective and qualities they brought to the dinner table.MORE…

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Is Your Brand Setting Trends with Community?

Amanda Fraga

With Paris Fashion Week in full motion, it’s a timely opportunity to think about how brands are “setting the trend.” While some fashion brands are on the Communispace roster, our clients are always, metaphorically, putting their products and services on the runway. And we all know a consumer insights analyst or marketers Holy Grail is truly, “how do I get ahead of the curve in terms of trends?”MORE…

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Customizing Your Retail Calendar to Your Consumer

Amanda Fraga

Is it me or is it pretty transparent and predictable when retail sales will hit the calendar?

As a consumer I’ve been trained to ‘hold out’ on making a purchase until I know I can expect a sale. As a marketer, I’m disappointed when I see trite, overused attempts at making a “standard” sales event somehow interesting or fun.MORE…

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An Art Director, Copywriter and Community Member Walk Into a Room…

Amanda Fraga

Nope, that’s not the start of a bad joke. Imagine if it were reality. What if the creative brains on your business were actually concepting with your target audience…?! For some companies, it is.

Concepting With Customers: The Wrong Way

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Communispace Shenanigans

Amanda Fraga

When roaming down the hallways of Communispace, you can tell one thing is for sure – there is no lack of imagination. In an environment of work hard, play hard, C-Spacers certainly know how to liven up their day-to-day routine. And why should our clients care about our carefree ways? Because creativity and collaboration breed in an environment where thinking out loud and expressing our crazy ideas are openly invited and encouraged.MORE…

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What’s Your Happiness ROI? Brands taking risks to deliver good

Amanda Fraga

Maybe it’s all this Boston summertime Vitamin D going to my head, but I’ve been thinking a lot recently about happiness. And as a shopper and a marketer, I can’t help but notice some brands that are doing things right and making me smile.MORE…

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All in a Day’s Work: Community Manager (Creating Insight Behind the Scenes, Part I)

Amanda Fraga

A few weeks ago fellow blogger, Nora Tickell, introduced a series of posts about how Communispace works (and how explaining what it is that we do here can sometimes leave the listener with a blank stare of confusion) and what goes on behind the scenes. So here goes: a day in the life of a Communispace Community Manager, in layman’s ‘80s terms. Why? Why not – it’s only the best decade ever.MORE…

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Mobile Commerce and Convenience: This app needs a caffeine fix

Amanda Fraga

A few weeks ago I wrote about consumers’ increasing use of smartphones and the massive opportunities awaiting companies that leverage mobile commerce.

I was beyond giddy when I heard that a particular “caffeine fix” company was going to let me try my hand at using my phone as a form of payment. After downloading the mobile app on my iPhone, I decided to try it out.MORE…

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