2012: Economic Optimism – A Shared Perspective?

Catie S.
Dana B.

As we kicked off 2012, we launched a study in Communispace’s proprietary Idea Space communities in collaboration with SMG Multicultural to get a pulse for consumer feelings and emotions – and how they might differ across Hispanic and General Market (non-Hispanic) segments.

Both groups of respondents share a similar perspective as they look back on 2011, and outlook as they think ahead to 2012. Not only do they select the same emotions (from an aided list) to describe their feelings towards the past and future [a], but they also use the same terms when asked to share the top three words that come to mind as they launch into the New Year (open-ended) [b].MORE…

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Are Marketers Missing the Party?: Language and Hispanic Heritage Month

Catie S.

You probably know when Saint Patrick’s Day is. Most likely, you have an idea of when Black History month is, too. But did you know that last month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15) was Hispanic Heritage Month? If the answer is no, don’t worry – plenty of Hispanics didn’t know, either.MORE…

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Nike, I thought you knew me

Catie S.

Historically, I’ve been a fan of Nike. Since taking up running, I’ve practically lived in their mesh shorts (at least for warm runs). I sport a neon Nike gym bag when I go to spin class or to zumba. Their sneakers make for great cross-trainers, and the new Nike+ SportWatch is on my wish list for my birthday.

But when I came across this recent ad to the left, I had to question my relationship with the brand. Run away from it all? Nike, I thought you knew me.MORE…

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Job 2.0 (Alternatively: Why so many of us sip the Kool-Aid)

Catie S.

Sometimes my friends ask me if I ever do any actual “work” at work. Of course the answer is yes (and a resounding one at that); I work hard—very hard—because I love my job, and my company and clients are important to me. But when I take a step back, I guess I can see why my friends are questioning me.MORE…

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