The Nimble Principles: Success in the Age of the Entrepreneurial CMO

David Franke

Meet today’s entrepreneurial CMO: a responsive and decisive leader on the front lines, unafraid to get up close and personal with the consumers she serves, undeterred in the face of risk and ambiguity. MORE…

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Are We Making the Right Decision? How Citi Used Consumer Collaboration to Venture into New Territories

David Franke

There’s a crisis in confidence among companies seeking to revitalize – if not outright re-imagine – the way they do business. Fundamentally, this crisis results from the tension between the known and the unknown, from that momentary sense of apprehension …MORE…

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Using emotions to plan and advance your learning agenda

David Franke

Emotions are the central organizing process of our thinking and behavior. What makes this process so messy – so frustratingly and beautifully messy! – is that it is driven less by immediate response to discrete stimuli and more by the ever-changing and ever-unstable tone and tenor of our relationships. What that means for brands is that affinity and loyalty is the result of how we feel about being in a relationship with (i.e. consumers of) those brands. The smart brands are figuring this out and driving the movement toward customer-centricity and conversational marketing.

This insight isn’t wholly new. In 1740, the philosopher David Hume asserted in his Treatise on Human Nature that “Reason is, and ought to be the slave of the passions and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.”MORE…

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Mental Model Mining: 3 steps to understanding how customers think about your brand

David Franke

Mental models are explanations of how we receive and interpret information and, ultimately, shape how we make sense of the world. They manifest in language through the conceptual narratives and metaphors we use in our everyday communication. Mental modeling can be tremendously helpful in market research: by understanding mental models and the related narratives (such as Heroic Journey, Transformation, Rescue, etc.), researchers and marketers can develop messaging strategies that more effectively motivate their target audiences to action.MORE…

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