Reflections on 5 Years

Debi K.

As I leave Communispace after five incredible years, I can hardly believe what we’ve accomplished in that time. When I joined, we were 50 people crammed into a small space, with our foosball table and beer fridge. Now we are over 300 people, global, still crammed but in a large space with multiple areas in which to interact and enjoy each other (and beer).

What was once an evangelical pitch about the need for companies to tap the voice of their customers through private online communities has become a “must have” for brands seeking game-changing insights that create impact.MORE…

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Ford and Social Co-Creation: Why idea sites are not enough

Debi K.

Social Co-creation is a big buzzword now; it’s sort of crowdsourcing, evolved. Using customers to help you throughout the new product (or service) development process is an exciting opportunity that’s been made vastly easier by social technologies.

Most of the case studies in this area talk a lot about idea sites or e-suggestion boxes. What these platforms do is allow for companies to publicly collect ideas from their customers or employees through a community-like environment. The companies that have done a good job with this have a process for vetting these ideas and building on the good ones to help them innovate. Doug Williams, an analyst with Forrester, recently wrote a great case study on Ford’s ideas site, “Your Ideas.”MORE…

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Why GLEE is a Metaphor for New Marketing

Debi K.

Did you get your GLEE on last night? I sure did and it was quite satisfying. If you haven’t watched GLEE, it’s a hit TV show about a high school glee club who sing and dance like the coolest, sexiest bunch of misfits ever.

After I fully savored the season premier, sopping it up like gravy with a biscuit, a connection occurred to me. Yesterday AdAge ran a piece about the Creative Exodus in Adland, in which famous creatives complained that the ad biz was just not much fun anymore. To which Edward Boches, Chief Creative Officer and Chief Social Media Officer of Mullen wrote an amazing response. He talked about how, actually, marketing and advertising is more fun than it’s ever been. Why? Because innovation and technology has allowed us to connect with customers in ways we never could before – social and digital marketing are the new kings of the marketing and ad world, and that stuff is REALLY fun.MORE…

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3 Stories Proving the Power of Community

Debi K.

Yesterday I held another webinette (it’s a mini-webinar in case you’re wondering). For this session, I focused on three great case stories from our amazing clients – Godiva, InterContinental Hotels Group/Chase Card Services and ConAgra Foods – that showcased the power of using private online communities for insight. All these stories have one important thing in common: they used their most important customers to help them grow their business.

You can listen to the recording of the webinette below. In it, I give some very specific examples of how we were able to use the community to be really creative with how we learned from customers and the details around how it actually works. I hope it’s helpful for you. Let me know, will you?MORE…

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Finding the Right Social Media Mix for Market Research

Debi K.

This week we held a webinette: Finding the Right Social Media Mix for Market Research. What’s a webinette you ask? It’s a bite-sized webinar meant to give you some great information on a focused topic in 30 minutes or less.MORE…

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Are You Treating Your Customers Like a Sustainable Resource?

Debi K.

Usually when you think of sustainability, you think of farming or the environment right? Well it’s really not just about what you eat; sustainability is a concept that is at the heart of how the most innovative companies in all industries are doing business today. It involves thinking about how to make the most of your business using the best of your resources and ensuring those resources are well taken of – that is, treated with respect, thoughtfulness and appreciation – whether those resources are money, time, or customers. And it makes sense that customers are (or should be) one of your company’s most important sustainable resources, particularly given today’s business context.MORE…

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Listening Lessons

Debi K.

At Communispace, we get asked a lot about lessons learned and best practices for online communities. Since we’ve been doing this for over ten years, we have plenty of experience about what works and what doesn’t. I wrote a blog post for the Harvard Business Review blog network that covers some of the Mistakes to Avoid if you want to be successful with your customer community. Please check it out and let us know…do you agree? What did we miss?MORE…

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Next Level Listening: Reactive to proactive

Debi K.

I took a Listening class in college (yes for credit!) and I learned there are two kinds of listening: passive and active. The class covered the psychology and behavior of listening to in-person conversations. However, as with most of this social stuff, the underlying principles of how listening works ends up being roughly the same online – after all, we are human in both venues. What I’ve realized, after many years in this “new” listening space that includes socially-empowered customers, is that it’s actually where in the conversation you start listening that distinguishes the value it can bring to your organization.MORE…

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Data vs. Insight: Make Meaning from What Matters

Debi K.

Thanks to the great folks at Dachis Group for inviting me to guest blog on their Collaboratory. They are doing terrific things for companies interested utilizing social business design to reinvent themselves. Thought maybe Verbatim readers would also enjoy the topic…

There’s too much data. Way too much, and it’s not helpful. There, I said it.

Social media monitoring, web analytics, quantitative market research, trackers, clickthroughs and opens… your ecosystem produces a firehose of data, but not a whole lot of meaning.MORE…

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Dancing with the CRM Stars

Debi K.

Dear CRM Magazine,

Wow! Communispace is so excited that you have given us a CRM Service Rising Star Award, thank you! We are really proud of what we provide for our wonderful clients. The Communispace “two-step” of our services is no easy feat.MORE…

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Everything You Need to Know about Social Media You Learned in Kindergarten

Debi K.

I’m no social media expert, far from it in fact. I blog now and then, I’ve been a community manager for several years, I share pictures, and I like to tweet (@drkleiman) once in awhile. However, a few days ago while talking to someone who wanted some advice about participating in online communities and social networks, a funny thing happened. As I listened to the advice I was giving, it reminded me of that Robert Fulghum poem, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. MORE…

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