100 Days and Counting: Wieden & Kennedy’s Salute to Olympic Moms

Stephanie B.

Today marks 100 days to go before the opening ceremonies light up London for the XXX Olympiad. I remember being on the streets of London in July 2005, celebrating the news that London just beat Paris to claim the title as Host of 2012. Beginning that day, reunions were planned and stories began to fly about how the city would change. A lot of people have been working extremely hard over the past seven years to prepare for this historic event of athleticism and community among Nations.MORE…

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Disclaimer: Based on a true story

Stephanie B.

Stories surround us, from coworkers recapping a weekend away, to smells and tastes, to memories we acquire throughout our life. As humans we inherently wear the hat of storyteller and we weave our experiences into truth and fiction; depending on who you are, that title also comes with varying degrees of embellishment. For better or for worse we are all liars.

“Scientists have discovered that the memories we use to form our own life stories are boldly fictionalized.” — Jonathan GotschallMORE…

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What Drives Consumers’ Green Behavior Throughout the Product Life Cycle?

Stephanie B.

A few weeks ago I wrote part one of this series titled, What drives consumers’ green behavior and how does it affect purchase decisions? and in that installment I explained how TOMS and Warby Parker have connected with customers at the purchase phase of consumption by going beyond a linear product offering. They’ve done so by means of connecting their products (shoes and eyewear) to environmental causes that people are passionate about at the point of purchase. However, the purchase phase is not the only spot in the product life cycle for brands to make the environmental connection, the point of disposal is also a powerful touch point for brands to be involved.MORE…

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What drives consumers’ green behaviors, and how does it affect purchase decisions?

Stephanie B.

Green and socially responsible marketing will continue to be a big part of the conversation in 2012.

When consumers can see how their purchasing power is an opportunity to make an impact on the environment, they become fiscally conscious of how brand choice can go beyond products alone.

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