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Cspace Spotlight: Siobhan Dullea, Chief Client Officer at Communispace

Merrily M.

As Communispace’s Chief Client Officer, Siobhan Dullea spearheads great work with our clients on a daily basis. But as we sat together to talk about this article for Verbatim, I warned Siobhan that my intention was to focus on Siobhan …MORE…

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Coffee, Crumpets and Communispace: A tour of our new London office

Merrily M.

One Boston Cspacer flies 3,000 miles to get the scoop on our new Promise Communispace London office.MORE…

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Bad Call! What’s your worst consumer product prediction?

Daniel Sills

For my high school graduation gift my brother Steven, who had just returned from Japan, bought me a minidisc player. It was so futuristic! The minidisc was far superior to its older brother, the compact disc. It was smaller, durable …MORE…

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Welcome to the Communispace Family: A Fresh Promise Perspective

Joy T.

When Promise announced its acquisition by Communispace, I, along with my colleagues, didn’t know what to expect. We knew our company was going to join another family, we knew the global scale and infrastructure would open doors for insight reinvention, …MORE…

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“New-Hire Cam”: A Fresh Perspective on Communispace

Merrily M.

Sometimes a “sincere step back” might be needed by even our most senior employees as new hires remind us all just how great it is to be part of Communispace. Communispace is lauded far and wide as a company that …MORE…

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Chris Wilcox

It’s been a little over a year since Communispace headquarters made the big move from Watertown to our downtown Boston office. While our space has changed, we’re still the same Communispace at heart, and we continue to pride ourselves on …MORE…

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Red, White & Blue

Libby R.

For many of us, the summer is a really special, jam-packed, and socially vibrant time of year. July is the month of everything that is awesome as far as I’m concerned (and not just because it’s my birthday month, I swear). One of the many things that makes this month so great is that we start it off with one of our nation’s most precious holidays. On July 4th, we will stop and celebrate the day that so perfectly embodies what our country is truly all about: grilling burgers, playing with sparklers, and enjoying an iced cold summer brew. I, personally, will be partaking in all three of these activities, thus proving that I am seriously dedicated my patriotism. But on more serious, no, not serious (who am I kidding?) sentimental note, we all know that July 4th is really all about valuing our favorite American traditions and past times with the people we care about.MORE…

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Communispace adopts a class and hosts young entrepreneurs

Chris O.

Question: How do you ensure a first try of a delicious tray of candy sushi?
Answer: Host a class of young entrepreneurs and coach them as they develop and build their innovations.

Last week, as part of the Communispace Adopt-a-Class program, 6 student teams from the Josiah Quincy Upper School were on site at Communispace to present their final business plans. Students worked hard all semester with the assistance of Communispace volunteer coaches to develop and finalize their entrepreneurial business plans. After opening remarks from Diane, a rock star panel of judges including Aubrey Conquergood, Gary Arena and Lauren Dougherty had the difficult task of selecting three teams to proceed to the New England Regionals being held next week at Babson College.MORE…

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Communispace rocks a new tradition

Libby R.

Last Friday, Communispace’s Boston office hosted its second ever live, in-office concert called Communijam. Communijam was an idea proposed to give Communispacer’s the opportunity to get together and make great music then perform it in front of the whole organization. If there is one thing you can find a lot of in this office aside from creative genius and an abundance of energy, it’s musical talent. We’re not just talking “I own Guitar Hero” talent here, we’re talking, “Yeah, I’m in a band, we have a show in Cambridge tonight.” talent.MORE…

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Israel Loves Iran shows how online communities can forge real-world bonds

Chris O.

It started with a poster, created by a designer living in Tel Aviv, and posted on Facebook – a simple message from two Israelis to Iran: “We will never bomb your country. We love you.”

Within twenty-four hours, hundreds of Israelis had repurposed the poster, including photos of themselves behind the words and sharing it on the web. It took only one more day before messages of response began pouring in from Iran – even more stirring because internet access (including access to Facebook) is heavily restricted in Iran and posting can be difficult – even risky.MORE…

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Downton Abbey & Mad Men: What do TV shows say about our culture?

Elisa C.

I am one of those people who loves TV. Yes, I also love reading books but after a long day, to me, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and watching TV.

Recently, when looking at what I was watching, I started to notice a trend. The shows I most looking forward to watching are Mad Men and Downton Abbey – period pieces. MORE…

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