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Has Digital Technology Killed our Lust for the Future?

Fred Gifford

I think we’ve lost our lust for the future, and I think digital technology is the reason. I think it’s failing to inspire us, and I think brands can do something about it. The future was once imagined as big …MORE…

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#TheNewIsWho: What’s your name for the post-Millennial generation?

Jen Reddy

Did you know that the name Millennials was coined by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1987? At the time, The Cosby Show was an NBC sitcom hit, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany were battling it out in America’s shopping …MORE…

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#TheNewIsWho: Name the Post-Millennial Generation

Daniel Sills

While not yet fully defined, the population waiting in the generational wings is beginning to take shape, and the process to name this post-Millennial generation is already underway.MORE…

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From Motorcycles to Cheesecake: The Importance of Building a Unique Brand-Experience

Emily Paisner

The inaugural Brand-Experience Symposium, hosted by Hub Magazine in NYC from September 10-11, opened with an impassioned presentation by Mark-Hans Richer, CMO of Harley-Davidson. He told the story of the unforgettable summer in which he and thousands of other Harley …MORE…

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An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos Re: The Opportunity of the Washington Post

Bill Alberti

Dear Mr. Bezos: What you have in the Washington Post is an opportunity of enormous possibility. One that goes well beyond circulation, page views, content and advertising dollars. One that could change the way business is done in Washington, for …MORE…

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An Evening of Inspiration

Nicole H.

On June 27th we were able to run a rather special event. Diane Hessan, our CEO, is on the board of the Boston Philharmonic and its Youth Orchestra, who have received many accolades and fantastic critical acclaim, under the guidance …MORE…

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Cspace Spotlight: Siobhan Dullea, Chief Client Officer at Communispace

Merrily M.

As Communispace’s Chief Client Officer, Siobhan Dullea spearheads great work with our clients on a daily basis. But as we sat together to talk about this article for Verbatim, I warned Siobhan that my intention was to focus on Siobhan …MORE…

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Coffee, Crumpets and Communispace: A tour of our new London office

Merrily M.

One Boston Cspacer flies 3,000 miles to get the scoop on our new Promise Communispace London office.MORE…

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Bad Call! What’s your worst consumer product prediction?

Daniel Sills

For my high school graduation gift my brother Steven, who had just returned from Japan, bought me a minidisc player. It was so futuristic! The minidisc was far superior to its older brother, the compact disc. It was smaller, durable …MORE…

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Welcome to the Communispace Family: A Fresh Promise Perspective

Joy T.

When Promise announced its acquisition by Communispace, I, along with my colleagues, didn’t know what to expect. We knew our company was going to join another family, we knew the global scale and infrastructure would open doors for insight reinvention, …MORE…

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“New-Hire Cam”: A Fresh Perspective on Communispace

Merrily M.

Sometimes a “sincere step back” might be needed by even our most senior employees as new hires remind us all just how great it is to be part of Communispace. Communispace is lauded far and wide as a company that …MORE…

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