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Content consumption—not just content creation—is critical to business innovation

Shruti S.

You can’t force innovation. Doing so is like sticking a Post-It note on your monitor that says “Be Innovative!” It just doesn’t work (I may have tried…). It also leads to a very common trap: attempting to push the innovation frontier at the wrong stage.

Innovating at the delivery juncture in the research stream is becoming just as imperative as innovating at the onset.

The origination and ideation steps in market research often receive the most affection. What tools to use and research techniques to employ matter. How we excavate information to find gems of understanding about consumer behavior matters. Methodology matters. Accordingly, how to curate insightful dialogue occupies the brunt of how we spend our time, money, and mindshare.MORE…

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Giving Consumers a C-Level Seat in the Boardroom

Amanda F.

First Best Buy. Then Yahoo! And now, JP Morgan.

Each day, a new CEO/Chairman being fired/let go/resigning (choose one) from their post. At first I was sure the person who was programming the elevator Captivate! was playing some sort of joke. Nope. And I won’t comment or insert my personal opinion on whether their allegations were simple oversights or terrible ethical decisions. There is, however, one thing I feel like I can ascertain (without ever being one myself), regardless of whether you are a good or bad CEO – it’s a tough (insert explicative word of choice here) job.MORE…

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Best Buy’s Retail Seasonality Discovery: It’s all about consumer behavior

Kassandra D.

This has been a peculiar winter in New England—on Saturday it was 59 degrees. Despite the unseasonably warm weather, all I wanted to do was stay close to home, make soup and look into what sort of marathon television opportunity Bravo had on offer. My own behavior in large part mirrors what Best Buy validated via an innovative research program in their Communispace community—seasonality in retail is largely about behavior and not about weather, location or calendar anchors. Customer behavior should then drive the retail calendar of marketing plans and offers.MORE…

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Relationship-building in China: Do you know what “guanxi” means?

Steve L.

With the growth of business opportunities in China, foreign companies have taken the plunge and jumped right into the China market – without always looking where they leap. As with any business, success depends on many factors and building relationships is just one of them. This is where “guanxi” comes into play.MORE…

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Active Minds Need Challenges: How Lululemon establishes community to build their brand

Libby R.

My friends and family tend to call me a “gear snob”… and I will openly admit that any day. I am very particular about my ski goggles, my sneakers, and my running leggings way more so than my every day wardrobe. I stick to the brands that I love (shout outs to Nike, Patagonia, and Asics) but there’s a new brand in the mix for me these days.

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One for One: How TOMS develops community while helping others

Elisa C.

At Communispace, it’s no secret that we think a lot about developing communities: how best to facilitate them, keep members engaged, and create a safe comfortable environment for members to share thoughts and feelings that they might not share elsewhere. It’s something we pride ourselves on and honestly, we’re really good at it.

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Groupon, Please Tell Me What to Do…

Nate F.

If you’re anything like me, the advent of the Groupon has been a life-changer. (OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but you’ll see what I mean.) I can’t remember the last time I went out to dinner without using a Groupon—the mere thought of doing so seems preposterous. Why would I pay for a full price dinner when I can get it for 50%-80% off?

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What Are Brands Really Risking with Online Research Communities?

Manila A.

Not much. While online research communities (also known as MROCs) seemingly bend many rules of research, brands actually risk more with traditional methods that fail to surface the “whys” behind the numbers. Quantifying research results does not make them actionable; and brands unwittingly hazard a great deal when they base business decisions on information obtained from a generic sample of unengaged, unmotivated respondents.MORE…

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