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What the Truck? Food Trucks: Real world examples of community building

Jessica S.

The Food Truck craze is taking the nation by storm, and doesn’t show any signs of decelerating. With this month’s premiere of the second season of The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network, the mobile food trend is gaining even more momentum and fanfare. And while these sophisticated restaurants on wheels are exciting foodies and invigorating the restaurant industry, they are also interesting centers of conversation; tiny, ever-changing communities.MORE…

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Why do we Want to be Bears? Anthropomorphic Ethnographic Research in Action

Julie Wittes Schlack

By now you’re probably all familiar with The Onion’s publication of research from the University of Virginia indicating that 96% of all humans would strongly prefer to be singing, dancing, animatronic bears.

This is hardly big news. MORE…

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By Being Connected, What Are We Giving Up?

Elisa C.

Earlier this week, The Boston Globe featured an article highlighting that incoming freshman are using Facebook to select their roommates. Something about this development just isn’t sitting right with me. I understand that there is a certain appeal to having a choice in who you live with for your first year of college, but at the same time, isn’t part of the “fun” of going away to college being pushed outside of our comfort zones?MORE…

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Reality in Advertising: A powerful path to connecting with customers

Chris O.

Truth and fantasy are battling for your customers hearts

… and it’s a battle that’s happening in advertising and marketing departments everywhere.MORE…

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Independence for the 4th

Nate F.

The 4th of July has to be the best holiday of the year. We have an entire 3-day weekend dedicated to spending time with family and friends, barbecuing, eating, drinking, warm weather and, of course, fireworks. It really has it all. Yup, Independence Day is most certainly my favorite holiday. (I’ll mark Thanksgiving as a close second, but that’s only because of football, and that’s iffy at best at this point.)MORE…

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Consumers Debate Technology: The good, the bad, the inevitable …

Manila Austin

Last week we launched our newest research paper, Tech Fast Forward: Plug in to See the Brighter Side of Life. Conducted in partnership with Ogilvy Chicago, our premise was that “tech fast forward” kids and their parents—those consumers who tend to adopt and use more sophisticated technology than the average person—could serve as a leading indicator of where all Americans are eventually headed as a society; a crystal ball to reveal—or at least give us a hint about—how our values, aspirations, and behaviours are evolving. MORE…

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It’s Not About the Technology

Diane Hessan

In the last week, I think I’ve seen at least 20 new articles on “How To Use Twitter” or “The Pitfalls of Technology” in light of the latest Weinergate scandal. The Huffington Post suggests that politicians (and others) just cancel their accounts and today’s New York Times gives some obvious advice, such as not DMing anything we wouldn’t want public.

Here’s my take: it’s not about the technology. It’s about us.MORE…

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What Does Facebook’s New Photo Sharing App Mean for the Facebook Community?

Lou T.

News leaked today that Facebook will soon release a photo sharing app for iOS. The app is being described as a mix of just about every photo sharing app out there. But why will the app be successful? Not because it will be better than any of the apps currently available (Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc.), but simply because it’s a Facebook creation … a Facebook photo creation.MORE…

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Dispatches from Lake Winnipesaukee: Exploring the need to take a break from social media

Pete C.

I spent Memorial Day as I do most of my vacations, lounging by Lake Winnipesaukee in the woods of New Hampshire. The picture above is an example of a particularly strenuous day.

This digital picture aside (I had to have some proof of my relaxation to gloat about with others, right?), I made it a point to disconnect over the long weekend: no computer, no mobile phone, no Facebook checking, no Twitter following, no blogs, nothing. MORE…

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Google Nailed It

Nate F.

I don’t know that there is such thing as the perfect ad, but if there is, Google may very well have found it. Their new ads for Chrome are remarkable. With only seeing the ad once, I was able to recall the entire ad, what it was for, and where I was when I saw it. That never happens with me. I, like most folks, have trained myself to tune out the monotonous noise that is typical of TV ads. But this ad was different. MORE…

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Public vs. Private Social Networks: Understanding Participation and Engagement

Mike J.

Community openness and size play vital roles in the level of engagement and participation observed in branded social networks. New research by Communispace reveals the dynamics of participation and how to drive the most value out of online communities.

So, how are your “fans” treatin’ ya? Facebook claims to have over 500 million “active” users. No wonder so many brands have created Fan Pages to try to engage them. MORE…

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